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Christian Fischbacher "Javari" Satin Bed Linen

Christian Fischbacher Bed Linen Javari DE / Set 135/200cm + 40/80cm | Standard Closure (Button / Envelope Closure)

Product number: CHF-C33-841-1

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Christian Fischbacher "Javari" Satin Bed Linen

Javari bed linen dessign by Christian Fischbacher. The Javari River is an over 1000km long tributary of the Amazon river. It forms the border between Brazil and Peru for over 800 kilometers. The green water of the Javari River is bordered by the varied jungle.

The design team from Christian Fischbacher picks up this Greenery Sudget and creates an opulent design with classic plant tableaux and herbaria. Colorful tropical birds adorn the foliage and create a happy atmosphere.

The 100% cotton bed linen is available with a white (010) and light blue background (841). Both variants impress with their special depth of color, as one is used to from the traditional Swiss company Christian Fischbacher.

  • Satin duvet set with a wonderful sheen
  • Christian Fischbacher quality from Switzerland

For the satin duvet cover set Christian Fischbacher exclusively use extra-long staple cotton. Through the combination of the elegant yarn, the special weave and the finish (mercerisation, dyeing and finishing), it yields a truly unique, elegant sheen.

(UK) satin duvet cover single
(UK) satin duvet cover double
(UK) satin duvet cover king
(US) satin duvet cover twin
(US) satin duvet cover full
(US) satin duvet cover queen
(US) satin duvet cover king
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Standard Closure (Button / Envelope Closure)
Chr. Fischbacher
100% Cotton
Floral & Motifs
UK and US Set Size in Inch
UK / Set Single 55/79" + 20/30" Inch
UK / Set Double 79/79" + 20/30" Inch
UK / Set King 89/87" + 2x 20/30" Inch
UK / Set Super King 102/87" + 2x 20/36" Inch
US / Set Twin 64/86" + 20/30" Inch
US / Set Full/Queen 86/86" + 2x 20/30" Inch
US / Set King 102/86" + 2x 20/36" Inch
other sizes on request ...

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