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Formesse Bella Donna jersey fitted sheet - Black 0101

Formesse Bella Donna jersey fitted sheet in color Black 0101

Product number: FOR-0101

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Formesse Bella Donna jersey fitted sheet - Black 0101

Feel good with this exclusive fitted sheet Bella Donna jersey from Formesse. The superbly crafted Bella Donna jersey is a luxury fitted sheet interwoven into an opaque, pleasantly heavy fabric. This fitted sheet will look great on any mattress. Aloe Vera and silk proteins give this wonderful bed sheet its silky feel and glamorous shine. The Bella Donna jersey fitted sheet does not create pilling (nodules). Because Formesse uses only the finest cotton twine with extra-long fibers.

  • excellent fit and elasticity
  • exclusive feel through aloe vera
  • available in 54 colors
  • suitable for box spring beds and waterbeds

These jersey fitted sheets are ideal as fitted sheets for waterbeds and box spring beds.

(UK) Fitted sheet for Single
(UK) Fitted sheet for Double
(UK) Fitted sheet for King
(US) Fitted sheet for Twin size
(US) Fitted sheet for Full size
(US) Fitted sheet for Queen size
(US) Fitted sheet King size
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For mattresses up to a height of 25 cm available in all popular sizes

Bella Donna jersey is made of 97% cotton twine (long staple), 3% elastane, aloe vera & silk protein. Naturally tested according to ÖkoTex Standard 100, awarded the seal of "Textile Trust" and made in Germany.

The product label in the Bella Donna fitted sheet and in the topper La Picola comes into the upper right corner when the fitted sheet is pulled up. So you can easily determine the correct position of the sheet.

97% cotton twine, 3% elastane

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